ballast hopper wagon made for Bangladesh

Ballast Hopper Wagons Exported to Bangladesh

In June 2020, twenty ballast hopper wagons manufactured by CRRC Taiyuan are set out by Taiyuan, and arrive at Tianjin port through road transportation. After the port is ready, they will be sent to Bangladesh by sea. These ballast wagons will be used to transport and lay ballast for the local railway construction projects.

Exported ballast hopper on the road.
The wagon is set out by track
Ballast hopper wagon train.
The wagons parked in our yard

Project Background

This batch of ballast hopper wagons is the first overseas complete wagon order we finished since our reopening after the strike of the COVID-19 pandemic. The total order amount is more than 15 million USD, which proves our capability of manufacturing quality hopper wagons during the pandemic.

During the epidemic, the raw materials, parts, and logistics transportation required for the production of this batch of Bangladesh ballast hopper wagons were affected to varying degrees. But we manage to effectively prevent the epidemic, overcome adverse effects, and successfully completed the production task on schedule under the premise of ensuring safety. After receiving the port notice, we organized the transportation at once to ensure the order will be delivered to Bangladesh on time.

Ballast hopper wagons manufactured by CRRC Taiyuan for Bangladesh.
Ballast hopper wagons manufactured by CRRC Taiyuan

Detail Parameters of These Ballast Hoppers

  • Loading capacity: 70t
  • Tare weight: 24t
  • Axle load: 23.5t
  • Volume: 42m3
  • Coefficient of self-weight: 0.34
  • Gauge: 1676mm
  • The minimum radius of curvature negotiable: 175m
  • Maximum operating speed: 100km/h    
  • Handling method: Up loading and bottom unloading
  • Limit: The limit meets the requirement of Bangladesh 1676mm broad gauge railway vehicles
  • Vehicle length: (installed with CBC coupler) 12351mm/ (Installed with 13B coupler) 12170mm
  • Under frame length: (installed with CBC coupler) 11245mm/ (Installed with 13B coupler) 11240mm
  • Distance between bogie centers: 8000mm
  • Maximum vehicle width: 3194mm
  • Maximum vehicle height (empty): 3915mm
  • Wheel diameter: 915mm

Notable Features of These Ballast Hoppers

The brake systems equipped to these ballast hoppers were first Chinese domestic systems with EU UIC standard. It not only reduces the production cost but also shortens the production cycle, which plays an important role in the successful completion of this order.

The 1676mm gauge bogies developed for this batch of ballast hoppers are the first batch application of the company’s wide-gauge bogies in exported wagons, which lays a certain foundation for the company to open other wide-gauge railway freight wagon markets in the future.

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