P70 Covered Goods Wagon

AGICO Group has brand new P70 covered wagons for sale. The company is also a provider of covered wagon designing service, please feel free to send your inquiry for more service details.

covered goods wagon boxcar.
P70 covered goods wagon

Covered goods wagons are a type of enclosed general railway wagons that transport cargoes. They are one of the most versatile freight wagons because they can carry a wide range of goods, especially the commodities needed to be protected against the external environment. With proper modifications, some covered goods wagons can also be used to transport humans or livestock.

The P70 covered goods wagon has a loading capacity of 70 tons; it was designed in 2005 to replace old 60t covered wagons in China’s railway systems.

Nowadays, P70 wagons have become the most used covered goods wagons in China’s railway systems, and they play an important role in the field of national commodity transportation and express logistics.

P70 Covered Wagon Parameters

P70 covered goods wagon for sale.
  • Loading capacity: 70 t
  • Tare weight (without lining plates): 23.8 t
  • Tare weight (with lining plates): 24.6t
  • Axle load: 23 t/axle
  • Loading volume: 145m3
  • Specific volume: 2.07m3/t
  • Coefficient of tare weight (without lining plates): 0.34
  • Coefficient of tare weight (with lining plates): 0.35
  • Load per linear meter: 5.5 t/m
  • Gauge: 1435mm
  • Braking distance: ≤1400m
  • Braking rate: 22% (Empty) & 17.3% (Full load)
  • Vehicle length: 17066 mm
  • Vehicle maximum width: 3300 mm
  • Vehicle maximum height: 4770 mm
  • Distance btw bogie centers: 12100mm
  • Fixed wheelbase: 840mm
  • Coupler height: 880mm
  • Running speed: 120km/h
  • Minimum radius of curvature negotiable: 145 m

P70 Covered Wagon Features

1. The P70 covered wagon uses the type K6 bogies, which are highly reliable bogies that increase the wagon’s running speed on current railway lines to 120km/h, bringing a faster and more stable rail freight service.

2. The wagon is equipped with type-17 couplers and type MT-2 buffers, and its center beam is made with high-strength steel, which enhances the longitudinal bearing capacity of the wagon, making it meet the requirements of marshaling ten thousand tons trains.

3. The main parts of the wagon are manufactured with high-strength weather-resistant steel to enhance the wagon’s corrosion resistant ability.

4. Section structure is optimized with the advanced design concept, and detailed design of the large stress parts to improve the structural stability of the whole vehicle.

5. There are four ventilators designed on the wagon cover to improve the air circulation in the wagon, in case the moist and turbid air accumulated on the wagon top corroding the roof.

6. Two sliding doors on both sides of the wagon are all equipped with locking device to prevent cargo loss.

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