Freight Wagons

We provide clients with a full range of railway freight wagons. Our excellent R & D team has the strength to develop railway freight cars with track gauges between 1000mm and 1676mm according to customer needs. Request a free quote now!

Introduction of CRRC Freight Wagons

Rail freight wagons are railway wagons that mainly transport goods, which can be divided into general-purpose freight wagons and specialized freight wagons. General-purpose wagons refer to vehicles that are suitable for transporting a variety of goods, such as open wagons, boxcars, flat wagons, etc. Special purpose wagons refer to the vehicles transporting a certain kind of commodities, such as coal wagon, container wagon, bulk cement wagon, etc.

Rail freight wagons run in trains on the railway. Load capacity and running speed are important indexes to measure their performances. Heavy load and fast speed are the trends of railway freight transportation development.

Since 2003, the new products of China’s rail freight wagons have been upgraded in an all-around way.

CRRC has developed a full range of freight wagons of 70t general-purpose freight wagons and 80t special-purpose wagons.

The axle load of these wagons is increased to 23t to 25t, and the bogies used are type K5 (tilting) and type K6 (lower cross support) bogies with a running speed of 120km/h. Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and high-strength weather-resistant steel are used in the wagon body, and new technologies such as argon-rich gas shielded welding, high-strength bolts, and lock nuts, and special rivets are widely adopted in manufacturing. The 120-1 type brake, high friction composite brake shoe, automatic adjusting device for empty and load vehicles, and spinning type sealed brake cylinder have become the standard configuration of these freight wagons.

rail freight wagons in our marshalling yard.

Our Freight Wagons Product Series

Hopper Wagons

Hopper wagons are widely used railway wagons for the transportation of bulk powder or granular materials. We supply covered and open hoppers for the transportation of coal, track ballast, ore, cement, grain, and other bulk materials.

Tank Wagons

Tank wagons are freight wagons specially made to transport gas, liquid, and chemical goods. Our rail wagon products include various types of tank wagons that can meet the transportation requirement of oils, petroleum, LPG, cement, etc.

Tank wagon full details →

Flat Wagons

We supply a series of successful flat wagons that have been widely used in China’s railway systems, including intermodal wagons, car carrier wagons, container wagons, general-purpose flat cars, and multi-functional special flat wagons.

General Purpose Wagons

General purpose train wagons are the most versatile rail freight wagons that can transport a wide range of goods. General purpose wagons can be further divided into open wagons and covered goods wagons (boxcars). We have the ability to design and produce a variety of quality general goods wagons.

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