Coal Hopper Wagons

Through in-depth cooperation with CRRC Taiyuan, a top railway wagon manufacturer in China, AGICO Rail can provide various types of coal hopper wagons to meet the railway transportation requirements of coal, ore, and other bulk goods.

At present, our coal freight hopper wagons not only run on the mass freight railway lines in China, but were also exported to Australia, Argentina, Ukraine, and other countries and regions to serve the local railway transportation projects.

Listed below are the finished coal hopper wagons for sale. Besides, AGICO also provides hopper wagon design and manufacturing services. We have first-class rail hopper designers and construction facilities and can produce the most suitable coal hoppers according to the customer’s project requirements.

Coal Hopper Wagons for Sale

KM70 coal hopper wagon for sale.

CM70 Standard Gauge 4-Axle Coal Hopper

  • Loading capacity: 70 t
  • Tare weight: 23.8 t
  • Axle load: 23 t/axle
  • Loading Volume: 75 m3
  • Overall length: 14400 mm
  • Overall width: 3200 mm
  • Overall height: 3780 mm
  • Gauge: 1435 mm
  • Max speed (full load): 120 km/h
  • Minimum radius of curvature negotiable: 145 m
KM80 coal hopper car for sale

CM80 Standard Gauge Coal Hopper

  • Loading capacity: 80 t
  • Tare weight: 26 t
  • Axle load: 27 t/axle
  • Loading Volume: 75 m3
  • Overall length: 14400 mm
  • Overall width: 3200 mm
  • Overall height: 3780 mm
  • Gauge: 1435 mm
  • Max speed (full load): 120 km/h
  • Minimum radius of curvature negotiable: 145 m
K18AK open coal hopper for sale

K18AK 4-Axle Coal Hopper Wagon

  • Loading capacity: 60 t
  • Tare weight: 24 t
  • Axle load: 21 t/axle
  • Loading Volume: 65 m3
  • Overall length: 14738 mm
  • Overall width: 3240 mm
  • Overall height: 3570 mm
  • Gauge: 1435 mm
  • Max speed (full load): 120 km/h
  • Minimum radius of curvature negotiable: 145 m

Details of Coal Hopper Wagons

KM70 Hopper Wagon Details

The coal hopper model KM70 was first introduced in 2015 by the CRRC group. This coal freight hopper wagon is finely designed to adapt to the increasingly heavy loading demand and the railway transportation requirements for speed.

KM70 hopper wagons have two unloading mechanisms, pneumatic and manual. They are very suitable to ship bulk goods such as coal and ore in large quantities. The application scenarios of this hopper wagon include harbors, power plants, coal preparation, steel plants, and so on.

KM70 Features:

  • Its main bearing parts are built with high-strength atmospheric corrosion resistant steel with the yield strength of 450MPa, and its center beam is designed with a straight beam structure, which improves its strength and structural stability, and makes its load weight reach 70 tons;
  • Its bottom door opening and closing device is optimized and improved on the basis of mature top lock structure, which improves the reliability during operation;
  • It is equipped with the humanized design of escalator, cornice, and other ancillary facilities to make the operating environment safer to workers;
  • The E-grade steel 17 type high strength coupler and MT-2 buffer are used to improve the reliability and durability of the coupler buffer device;
  • K6 or K5 bogie can effectively reduce the force between wheels and rails, and increase its running speed to 120km / h;
  • A pull rod device is set at the hopper ridge, which improves the anti-rising ability of the sidewalls of the wagon body.

KM80 Hopper Wagon Details

The KM80 hopper wagon is a large capacity coal freight hopper designed as the upgrade version of KM70. Its purpose is to further improve the railway transportation capacity of coal and other bulk materials under current rail line conditions.

KM80 coal hoppers are suitable for site operation where the ground is equipped with groundhopper or high trestle work which could unload goods from both sides simultaneously. The goods can be unloaded by pneumatic drive or manually.

KM80 Features:

  • Compared to KM70, its loading capacity is increased by 14.3%, reaching 80 metric tons;
  • Its main load-bearing parts are made of S450EW high corrosion resistant weathering steel, which further enhances the corrosion resistance of the wagon body;
  • The sidewalls of the wagon adopt the variable section panel column structure design, which makes full use of the gauge to improve the loading volume and shorten the wagon length;
  • There are six bottom doors in a single wagon, which reduces the bearing force of each door and improves the strength and stability;
  • The suspension parts of the brake, coupler, buffer, and bottom door device are designed to prevent looseness and anti detachment, which makes the whole wagon safer in operation.
  • The unloading system adopts a new reducer and integrated wind control console to meet the requirements of integrated and modular installation.

K18AK Open Coal Hopper Details

The K18AK coal hopper wagon is an open hopper wagon developed by CRRC Taiyuan. This type of hopper wagon completed the vehicle dynamics performance test in January 2003 and was then put into mass production. Today, compared with the more advanced KM70 and KM80, this type of hopper car may be old, but it can still meet the transportation requirements of small quantity bulk goods.

K18AK Features:

  • Bogie type: K2 type bogie
  • Material of bolster and side frame: B grade steel
  • Axle: LZ50 steel axle, 4-axle design
  • Wheelset: HDSA rolled steel wheel or HDZC cast steel wheel
  • Buffer: ST buffer or MT-3 buffer
  • Coupler: Type 13A
  • Hoppers: The transverse central hopper ridge set in the center of the wagon body and the longitudinal hopper ridge set on the middle beam divides the whole vehicle into four hopper areas. Each ridge is formed by welding 5mm steel hopper plates and rib plates.
  • Bottom door: the bottom door length is 2700 mm and the opening diameter is 520 mm.

Our Coal Hoppers around the Globe

Our coal hoppers have been exported to countries all over the world and are well received for their stable performance in local railway systems. You can always count on us to deliver you a quality railway coal hopper solution!

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