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Rail Wagons for Sale

Joined hands with CRRC TAIYUAN Co., Ltd, one of the leading rail wagon manufacturers in China, AGICO Group provides quality railway wagons for sale.

Hot Sale Railway Wagons

Coal hopper wagons for sale.

Coal Hopper Wagons

Including KM80, KM70, K18AK standard gauge coal hoppers and customized hopper wagons.

Railway ballast hopper wagon for sale.

Ballast Hopper Wagons

Including KZ80, KZ70, K13NK ballast hoppers and customized ballast wagons.

Railway grain hopper wagon with a 70t loading capacity.

Grain Hopper Wagon

L70 grain hopper for the transportation of bulk wheat, corn, rice, and other grain food.

Rail tank wagon for sale.

Tank Wagons

Including tank wagons that can transport oil, liquefied gas, chemicals, and cement.

Flat wagons for sale

Flat Wagons

Including container wagons, intermodal wagons, car carrier wagons, etc.

general purpose goods wagon for sale.

General-Purpose Wagons

General-purpose wagons for sale include open goods wagons and covered wagons boxcars.

Why AGICO Rail Freight Wagons

Our partner, CRRC Taiyuan, is a subsidiary of CRRC group, one of the world’s largest rail vehicle manufacturers. It has complete experience in the design and manufacture of railway freight wagons. The CRRC made freight wagons not only run on the domestic freight lines in China but also bring convenience to the railway transportation of many countries and regions in the world.

The hopper wagon train is running on the railroad line.
CRRC expert rolling stock manufacturer.

China has developed mature and advanced rail transit technology and has won a high reputation in the world, especially in third world countries, with its excellence and reliability.

Under the background of the global transportation development, the advanced technology experience and high cost performance of China’s railway design and construction and supporting industries not only bring great impetus to the local infrastructure construction, but also promote the local employment and economic development, so as to bring mutual benefit and win-win results.

By building a long-term deep strategic partnership with CRRC Taiyuan, AGICO aims to help clients around the globe get the best quality wagons at the most cost-effective price!

Our Services

AGICO Group provides you a complete railway wagon solution, from the designing, manufacturing, components and parts supply to wagon overhauling and other after-sale services.

Deign of railway locomotive.

Rail Wagon Design

Our talented team of engineers has rich experience in the design of rail freight wagons. We have designed very successful freight wagons whose loading capacities and running speeds are all at the top level for many countries and regions according to their local rail standards.

The manufacturing plant of open goods wagons.

Rail Wagon Manufacturing

We have 37 complete freight wagon manufacturing & overhauling lines, which are constructed by advanced equipment. The annual manufacturing capacity of freight wagons could reach 5,000 units per year.

The manufactured wheel sets in our factory.

Components & Parts

We provide components and parts of railway wagons for sale, including bogies and wheel sets for the rail track gauge of 1000mm, 1067mm, 1435mm, 1520mm, 1600mm, and 1676mm. Railway parts such as rail tracks, spikes, sleepers, and rail joints are also available.

Latest NEWs

Ballast hopper wagon manufactured for UAE railway project

Ballast Hoppers Exported to UAE

As a partner of CRCC, CRRC Taiyuan has specially developed a batch of special ballast hopper wagons for its railway project under construction in UAE …
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