Rolling Stock Components & Parts

AGICO Group supplies a variety of rolling stock accessories and railway parts.

Our company has advanced freight wagon parts production lines and can provide global customers with railway wagon parts manufacturing and processing services.

Our main production lines include wheel and axle production line, coupler and buffer production line, and bogie assembly line.

During the manufacturing process, we use advanced professional, flexible, intelligent CNC and process equipment to ensure excellent product quality. All of our wagon part products meet the international railway industry standard (IRIS).

Wheel Set Manufacturing Line
Wheel Set Production Line

Freight Wagon Parts for Sale

Railway Bogies

Bogie is one of the important parts of railway wagons, whose quality and performance directly affect the speed, bearing capacity, and driving stability of the wagon. We can manufacture bogie for the track gauge of 1000mm, 1045mm, 1067mm, 1520mm, and 1676mm, and the axle load ranges from 21 to 27 t/axle.

Freight Wagon Wheelsets

A wheelset is composed of two wheels and an axle, it is one of the components of a bogie. As the part directly contacting with the rail surface, its quality directly affects the safety of train operation. Our wheelsets are of good quality and have been exported to many countries in Australia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.

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