Railway Bogie

A bogie, also known as a truck in North America, is an essential component of a railway wagon. It is a framework or a chassis equipped with one or several pairs of wheelsets, mainly plays the role of supporting and guiding the traveling train.

According to different structures, materials, and manufacturing processes, bogies are divided into many types. The differences of different types of bogies are mainly reflected in the number of axles, axle load, axle box positioning mode, elastic damping device form, load transfer mode, and so on.

AGICO Railway Bogies

Since 2012, our company has been insisting on looking for new overseas markets and developing international trading ability under the guidance of China’s national strategy of “One Belt, One Road”, and has successfully designed and manufactured nine types of freight wagon bogies according to the track gauge and axle load requirements of target markets.

The nine types of bogies are: 1) 25t axle load standard gauge bogies; 2) 25t axle load standard gauge light control bogies; 3) 25t axle load 1600mm gauge light control bogies; 4) 25t axle load 1676mm gauge light control bogies; 5) 25t axle load 1676mm gauge light control bogies; 6) 25t axle load 1067mm gauge light control bogies; 7) 21t axle load 1067mm gauge light control bogies; 8) 22T axle load 1435mm gauge light control Bogies; 9) 22T axle load 1000mm gauge light control bogies; 10) 25t axle load 3-axle welded bogies.

Our company also supplies type K2, K4, K5, K6, and K7 bogies for domestic freight wagons in China.

Product Gallery

With a strong R&D department, we have the ability to supply railway bogies with axle loads from 21 tons to 30 tons and with gauges of 1000mm, 1067mm, 1435mm, 1520mm, 1600mm, and 1676mm. Please feel free to contact us for a quote!

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