GQ70 Railway Tanker

GQ70 railroad oil tanker train.
GQ70 Oil Tanker Train

The GQ70 oil tank wagon is optimized for the transportation of liquid oil such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel. These railway tankers are widely used in China; they have been stably operated on the country’s standard gauge railroads for over a decade, showing their excellent safety and reliability.

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GQ70 Railway Tanker Parameters

3D model of GQ70 railway tanker oil wagon
GQ70 oil tanker car 3D model
  • Loading capacity: 70 t
  • Tare weight: 23.6 t
  • Axle load: 23 t/axle
  • Load per linear meter: 7.66 t/m
  • Tank volume: 80.3 m3
  • Effective volume: 78.7 m3
  • Tank pressure: 0.15MPa
  • Environment Temperature: -40~+50 ℃
  • Service life: 25 years
  • Maintenance cycle: factory overhaul per 5 years
  • Overall length: 12216 mm
  • Overall width: 3320 mm
  • Overall height: 4494 mm
  • Gauge: 1435 mm
  • Max speed (full load): 120 km/h
  • Minimum radius of curvature negotiable: 145 m

The Design Structure of GQ70

The whole wagon is composed of the tank, couplers and buffers, the braking system, bogies, sills, and attached auxiliary parts.

The Tank

The structure of this tank wagon adopts a no center beam design. The oil tank adopts the structure of straight cone, circular section, and inclined bottom. The tank head is a 1:2.5 elliptical head with an inner diameter of 3050 mm and a wall thickness of 10 mm; the inner diameter of the middle part of the tank is 3150mm and the wall thickness is 10mm.

An auxiliary manhole and two breathing safety valves are provided at the top of the tank, and a liquid accumulator is provided at the bottom of the tank. The cover of the auxiliary manhole is equipped with a spring-assisted opening mechanism, which makes it easy for workers to open.


This oil tanker wagon is supported by multiple sills, including draft sills, bolster beams, side sills, and end sills.

Couplers & Buffers

The couplers used on GQ70 railway tankers are the 17# couplers whose main parts are made of E-grade cast steel (equal to AAR M201-E) and have great wear resistance and strength.

The buffers used on this railway tanker type are MT-2 buffers.

Braking System

The GQ70 tanker equips an air brake and a manual brake.

The air brake is composed of seat type 120 valve, 305 * 254 pressure sealing brake cylinder, automatic adjustment device for empty and load, stainless steel brake accessories, etc.


Type K5 or K6 bogies are applied on GQ70 rail tankers.

Auxiliary Equipment

There is a ladder attached on one side of the tank for workers to climb to the tank top. The tank top is equipped with a platform and protective railings to ensure the personal safety of workers during work.

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