Hopper Wagons

Our partner, CRRC Taiyuan, is the leading design unit and drafting unit of technical standards for China’s domestic railway hopper wagons. With their help, we can supply the best quality hopper wagons for you!

Hopper wagons are railway freight wagons with sloping inward end walls or arc shape end faces and hoppers at their bottoms. Hopper wagons can be divided into two types according to their structures: covered hoppers and open-top hoppers.

The common feature of all types of hopper wagons is: hopper wagons have opening doors on their sidewalls or at bottoms, and they have funnel-shaped warehouses which allow goods to be unloaded automatically by their own weights.

Hopper wagons are widely used railway wagons for the transportation of bulk powder or granular materials because of their extreme convenience for loading and unloading. Covered hoppers are used for grain, sugar, cement, and other bulk materials that must be protected from exposure to the weather. Open-top hoppers are used for materials that can be exposed to the weather such as coal, limestone, track ballast, etc.

Railway Hoppers for Sale: Open-Top Hoppers

Railway Hoppers for Sale: Covered Hoppers

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