Ballast hopper wagon manufactured for UAE railway project

Ballast Hoppers Exported to UAE

As a partner of CRCC, CRRC Taiyuan has specially developed a batch of special ballast hopper wagons for its railway project under construction in UAE (United Arab Emirates) to transport and lay ballast.

At the end of July 2020, after the trial production of the first hopper wagon is completed, the company has carried out a series of verification tests on the trial production sample vehicle, including the rain leakage test of the control room, the opening and closing test of the bottom door, the static brake shoe pressure test, the clearance passing test, and the single-vehicle test, all of which meet the requirements of relevant test specifications.

Project leaders in front of the finished ballast hopper for UAE
The ballast wagon in our factory.
The wagon is being fixed on the trailer by workers
Staffs are fixing the hopper.
The ballast hopper is being lifted to the track by a crane.
The hopper wagon being lifted by a crane.
The hopper wagon is now ready to be sent out
The hopper is ready for shippment.

Although the raw materials and working hours were affected to some extent during the epidemic period, the company overcame the difficulties and completed the production of this batch of hopper wagons on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, and delivered them to the client on schedule.

Details of These Ballast Hoppers

This batch of ballast hopper wagons is designed to run on standard 1435mm gauge railways in UAE.

Their middle ballast unloading doors adopt pneumatic mechanical transmission mechanism, and the unloading bottom doors at sides adopt the mechanical transmission mechanism with pneumatic as the main and manual as the auxiliary.

Ballast hopper wagon made for the CRCC and CCECC joint railway project in UAE.

Essential Parameters:

  • Loading Capacity: 60 t
  • Tare Weight: 21.6 t
  • Axle Load: 20.4 t/axle
  • Loading Volume: 36m3
  • Coefficient of Self-Weight: 0.36
  • The Minimum Radius of Curvature Negotiable: 145 m
  • Maximum Full Loading Speed: 120 km/h
  • Vehicle Length: 12038 mm
  • Vehicle Width: 3468 mm
  • Vehicle Height: 3390 mm
  • Under Frame Length: 11108 mm
  • End Wall Inclination: 36.5°
  • Distance between Bogie Centers: 8000 mm
  • Bottom Door Length: 2235 mm
  • Bottom Door Opening: ≥ 190mm
  • Fixed Wheel Base: 1750 mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 840 mm
  • Coupler Height: 880mm

Notable Features:

  • The Q450NQR1 high strength weathering steel is used for the main section steel and plate of the wagon body, which ensures its high strength and long service life;
  • The track beam is made of TJ / CL 35 standard hot rolled 310 Z-shape steel with yield strength of 450MPa;
  • The one end of the underframe is equipped with a passing platform, railing, and a handrail, and the other end is equipped with a reversible crossover plate, which is convenient for people to travel between the control rooms of two adjacent wagons;
  • The side walls adopt a plate column structure, which is composed of side plate, side column, and upper side beam. The side plate is made of a 4mm thick high strength steel plate, and the upper side beam is made of 120mm*60mm*4mm high strength cold-formed rectangular steel pipe, and the side column is made of 5mm thick hat hyperboloid high strength cold-formed section steel;
  • By optimizing the cross-section shape and geometric position of the reinforcing beam of the middle and side hopper plate, it can work together with the traction beam of the car body to improve the transmission of the longitudinal force of the hopper and reduce the stress level of the joint.
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