GN70 Oil Tank Car

GN70 oil tank car for high viscosity oil transportation
GN70 rail tank car

GN70 oil tank car is designed for the transportation of mineral oil with high viscosity, such as crude oil, heavy diesel oil, and lubricating oil.

The first prototype of this rail tank car model was completed in 2005. After that, it passed a series of tests such as body static strength test, dynamic performance test, impact test, loading and unloading test, and began mass production. Today, this type of oil tank car still transports all kinds of viscous oil on many railway lines in China. In the safe operation of the past ten years, the reliability and stability of this model have been fully demonstrated. This is a tank car with high cost performance, long service life, and excellent safety.

The bogie gauge of the car is 1435mm, and the maximum loading capacity is 70 metric tons. The tank car is filled via the top discharge and emptied via the bottom discharge.

Technical Details of GN70 Oil Tank Car

GN70 oil tank car rail freight mineral oil.
  • Loading capacity: 70 t
  • Tare weight: 23.8 t
  • Axle load: 23 t/axle
  • Overall length: 12216 mm
  • Overall width: 3320 mm
  • Overall height: 4466 mm
  • Fixed wheelbase: 8050mm
  • Gauge: 1435 mm
  • Load per linear meter: 7.68 t/m
  • Tank volume: 78.1 m3
  • Effective volume: 73.7 m3
  • Tank pressure: 0.15MPa
  • Environment Temperature: -40~+50 ℃
  • Braking ratio of the whole vehicle: 10.73
  • Braking rate (empty): 24.2%
  • Braking rate (full): 16.59%
  • Max speed (full load): 120 km/h
  • Minimum radius of curvature negotiable: 145 m
  • Maintenance cycle: factory overhaul per 5 years
  • Service life: 25 years

Design of GN70 Oil Tank Car

GN70 is composed of the tank, the draft sill assembly, the braking system, the ladder assembly, the air inlet, and discharge pipeline assembly, the heating system, the steering gear, the coupler and buffer, and other accessories.

The Tank

The design of the oil tank adopts the structure of straight cone circular section and inclined bottom. The inner diameter of the middle part of the tank body is 3100mm, the wall thickness of the upper plate is 8mm and of the lower plate is 10mm, and the material is Q345A steel; The heads at both ends are 1:2 standard elliptical heads, with an inner diameter of 3000mm and a wall thickness of 10mm, the material is Q295A steel.

The Draft Sill Assembly

This assembly is assembled by draft sill, bolster sill, side sills, and end sills. The draft sill is welded by high-strength atmospheric corrosion resistant hot rolled 310 B steel

Heating System

The tank body of the car is equipped with a pipe exhaust heating device, which is mainly composed of a heating pipe in the tank and a steam inlet and drainage pipeline outside the tank, with a heating area of 21.94 square meters.

The heating exhaust pipes in the tank are divided into two groups, which are installed at the bottom of the tank, located on both sides of the longitudinal middle section of the tank body, and inclined downward along the tank wall, with the same slope as the tank body.

Each group of heaters is mainly composed of steel-made steam inlet pipe, water return pipe, octuple wire heating pipes, steam inlet header, and water return header. Heating channel steel is set at the bottom outside the tank.

The Ladder Assembly

A ladder is attached to the tank body for operators to get on and off. The top of the tank is equipped with a full-length walking board and safety guard rail.

Coupler and Buffer

The couplers used on GN70 are the 17# couplers whose main parts are made of E-grade cast steel (equal to AAR M201-E) and have great wear resistance and strength.

The buffers used are MT-2 buffers.

The Braking System

The QN70 oil tank car is equipped with a hand brake device and an air brake at the same time, which can complete emergency braking in various emergencies to ensure the safety of the train to the greatest extent.

The braking devices of the car are centralized at the vehicle end, which simplifies the braking arrangement and is convenient for maintenance.


Type K6 bogies are applied on GN70 oil tank cars.

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