a freight car is being loaded on a ship by the warf crane

Freight Wagons Successfully Sent to Nigeria

With the lifting and falling of the wharf crane, dozens of railway freight wagons were steadily loaded onto a cargo ship that is about to leave for the African continent. These freight wagons are the second batch of railroad cars produced by CRRC for the railway project of CCECC in Nigeria, including boxcars, bottom open-door gondola cars, side open-door gondola cars, refrigerated cars, flat cars, and other models. At present, all of them have been successfully loaded and sent to Nigeria.

CRRC made freight cars in Nigeria
Boxcars and flat cars

Back in January this year, the first batch of railroad cars for this project has already been sent from Qingdao Port and recently arrived at the project site in Nigeria. After the completion of the trial operation, those vehicles successfully passed the acceptance of CCECC and Nigerian owners. Our company’s products and services have also won their unanimous praise.

an open freight car is being lifted by the crane
The freight car is being lifted by the crane

This railway project is a part of the Nigeria railway modernization project undertaken by the CCECC group. These rail freight cars designed and produced by CRRC will be put into operation in the completed modern railway systems in Nigeria to undertake the responsibility of bulk cargo transportation between cities, help enhance the country’s railway freight transportation capacity and boost its national economic development.

CRRC and CCECC have together established a long-term strategic cooperative relationship for more than ten years. Over the years, the two sides have been sincere in their cooperation and complementary advantages, and have jointly implemented the China “one belt one road” initiative to build mutually beneficial and win-win partnership with Asian and African countries, and help them build modern railroads, stations, and passenger and freight train operation systems.

In this project, CRRC supplies not only freight wagons but also railroad car parts and technical service, which includes 377 freight cars of various models and large parts. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the contract, CRRC and CCECC have worked out a detailed project delivery plan and strictly controlled the implementation. At present, with the joint efforts of both sides, the project is being delivered batch by batch as planned.

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